Saying goodbye to a legacy

Clark Sheehy is embarking on a new adventure as head coach for Southwest Baptist University. Sheehy has served as the head basketball coach for the men’s team at John Brown University for seven years, from 2007 to 2014.

Sheehy graduated from the University in 1999, majoring in physical education. During that time, Sheehy played guard position on the men’s basketball team for three years, while also playing one year at Texas A&M University.

On average Sheehy scored 12 points per game, stated The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics. Sheehy scored 1,089 total career points for JBU; 225 of those points were three-pointers.

After graduating from JBU, Sheehy went to Texas A&M to earn his masters in physical education. There, he played basketball for a season.

Sheehy was the head coach at Fresno Pacific University before spending a season as the assistant coach for JBU’s women’s basketball team.

After Sheehy’s father retired in 2007 as JBU’s head basketball coach, Sheehy took the position as head coach for the JBU men’s basketball team.

During his time as head coach at JBU, Sheehy not only pushed to have his players do well on the court but also urged them to perform their best in the classroom.

“[Sheehy] drove them to be the best that they could be in the classroom,” Jeff Soderquist said.

He also made sure his players heard the gospel and displayed spiritual leadership when guiding his team.

Statistically, the team accomplished some personal bests with Sheehy as head coach.

In 2013, the team finished 14-2 in the Summit Athletic Conference and had a 28-7 record. Sheehy also earned the SAC Coach of the Year honor in 2011 and 2013, said Nicholas Robinson.

Sheehy resigned from John Brown University in May of 2014 and accepted a coaching position at Southwest Baptist University.

Sheehy will not only be missed as a coach but also as a spiritual leader and a friend to many who knew him at the University.