Afghan hospital bombing

Allow for independent investigation

Earlier this month the United States military mistakenly attacked a hospital of Doctors Without Boarders employees, according the NBC news.

NBC news stated that this occurred when the U.S started offensive measures to take control of a northern Afghan city that is under the control of the Taliban.

The death toll, which was initially 10, has risen to 23. In response, President Obama issued an apology and a promise of an investigation. However, according to Huffington Post, some Democratic lawmakers are calling for an independent investigation of the incident.

We The Threefold believe that the U.S. should allow for an independent investigation of the situation. We think this is the best way to get the most accurate information.

The Pentagon has dodged repeated calls from Doctors Without Borders to allow an independent investigation into U.S. airstrikes over the hospital,” according to Huffington Post. We The Threefold believe that, if there is truly nothing to hide, and this was an honest mistake, an independent investigation should be no problem.

The assessment team from the U.S. has even been accused of potentially damaging evidence by the organization, according to Huffington Post. This could make it difficult for people to agree that is was an accident even if it is found to be.

Therefore, an independent investigation is in the best interest of the U.S. military because more people will believe the information put forth by the investigation.

We The Threefold understand that some people want the military to investigate this problem because they have the most access to the information and some of the information could be sensitive.

We understand this potential issue, but believe that, when you are investigating a mistake that lead to the death of 23 people, figuring out what went wrong should be the top priority.

Therefore, the use of an independent investigation team is in the best interest of everyone. Citizens will get more solid answers on what happened. The investigation will also be well-respected and the conclusion will be accepted by most.