Steps for spring break preparations

March is finally here! Which also means that Spring Break is coming! Students everywhere are preparing themselves for the break. Many are returning home and others are traveling inside the U.S. and overseas. Here are some basic steps to be well prepared for any trip.

NH8A1671 copySave money

No money, no travel! First, think of how you will be traveling for spring break, whether by car, train, bus or plane. If you don’t travel outside the U.S., you will need money for gas. It is important that you decide at least a month or two in advance to save. Take out that piggybank and collect those pennies daily or weekly.

“You can’t do anything if you do not have some money,” said Luis Villalaz, a sophomore who is planning to travel to Las Vegas this year.

NH8A3278 copyTravel with your pals

Second, consider whether you will travel with a group of friends or alone. Both experiences are rewarding! Traveling with a group might be challenging because you have to includeothers in all trip decisions, however you will be able to share your fun memories with others.

If you are thinking of traveling by yourself, you will be able to manage your own time with the things you want to do. You will have the opportunity to talk with other people, even if it is only for help.

_H8A7942 copyPick a place

Spring break gives you a whole week to enjoy, but do not over think and try to travel to far places. Remember that it is only a week and you do not want to spend it sitting on the airplane for two to three days. Depending on your interests, you can choose a variety of places to go.

“I’d like to go to Kenya,” said Stephanie Barrera, a sophomore who has traveled to Africa before. “It is just a beautiful country and people are so welcoming.”

The traditional trip for spring break is going to the beach. Some of the best places to travel to are Miami, Cancun, Bahamas, Cabo San Lucas, Maui, Puerto Vallarta, South Padre Island, Playa del Carmen, Jamaica and San Diego, according to Business Insider.

Once you decide where you want to go, then do some research about interesting places to visit and activities you can do while there. This will make it easier to move once you arrive at your destination.


Buy tickets & reserve a place to stay

Once you’ve researched your destination, it’s time to buy either the bus or airplane tickets and
find a place to stay.

Some of the best apps that compare airplane tickets are Google flights, Hopper, Kayak, Hipmunk, Skyscanener and Momondo, according to Yahoo Travel. These app gives you an idea of what the tickets will cost. If you are riding the bus then you should check GotoBus, Wanderu and Checkmybus.

Most of these apps give you the option to find hotels or inns that are acceptable in price.

By car, calculate the amount of gas you will need and the best gas stations to find the cheapest gas.