Student author ministers through writing

ZEKE WILLCOX/ TheThreefoldAdvocate

Just about every time Marjorie Jackson sits down at her desk to write, she folds her hands, bows her head and prays. In her prayers, Jackson asks God that He would write through her and that her words would not be her own.

“I might have some good things to say, but I’m not going to have anything that is going to be really life-changing or as impactful,” Jackson said. “God’s word is ultimately what is going to penetrate others.”

The perky and talented Jackson said she feels called to evangelize to the world around her and started that impact one book at a time. 

By the age of 18, the sophomore graphic design major already composed two books with a fresh perspective of a young Christian woman. Jackson’s first, “The Greatest Book You’ve Never Read,” attempts to foster excitement and spiritual hunger in children and teens as they read the Bible.

Not yet published, her second book “Devoted: A Girl’s 31-Day Guide to Good Living with a Great God,” is devotional for teen girls.

It is unique as it is “half devotional, half coloring book” featuring Jackson’s personal hand lettered art in the form of Scripture verses.

When she was 15, Jackson wrote, edited and illustrated her first book “The Greatest Book You’ve Never Read” with the help of her parents.

Hailing from a homeschooling family, Jackson’s parents recognized her skillful writing and issued a challenging English assignment: to ditch the dull grammar and English textbooks and create her own book.

At the time, Jackson was ploughing through the Old Testament, rediscovering her deep love and appreciation for the Scriptures.

Jackson desired to share her same excitement with others, so she took this idea, wrote and published her book.

On December 17, 2013, Jackson said she felt a thrilling rush of joy as she held the first printed and bound edition of “The Greatest Book You’ve Never Read.” Almost two years later, Jackson felt a similar rush when a literary agent stumbled across her blog, fell in love with her writing and asked to represent her with her future writing projects

Jackson toyed with several new book topics, then soon pounced on the idea of a teenage girl’s devotional. It seemed relevant to her as a growing young woman to relate and encourage girls with similar and dissimilar struggles. Jackson stressed that she writes as a friend and fellow empathizer for her readers.

“I’m not writing because I think I know everything, or because I’m perfect, or because I’m a super Christian or anything,” Jackson said. “Sometimes, I’m going through spiritual battles as I’m writing. It’s because Satan wants to counteract what God is doing.”

With this mindset, Jackson plunged in to full writing mode and popped out the final draft of her book in two months. Jackson’s literary agent sent the draft to several publishing firms, which Barbour Publishing picked up. The draft went through two editorial staff meetings before the publishing company made an offer.

In May 2017, “Devoted: A Girl’s 31-Day Guide to Good Living with a Great God” will hit bookstore shelves, and Jackson could not be more excited.  Jackson said she hopes her book stirs her readers’ hearts as a call to action and growth in their faith.

“When we live for something that is bigger than us and when we are devoted to someone who is higher than us, and when we are humble before the Lord, ultimately that is when we are going to make a difference and that’s when our lives are going to be fulfilling.” Jackson said passionately. “I really hope that I can encourage girls to seek the Lord more diligently and be devoted to Christ.”