Illustrator showcases medieval artwork

Senior art and illustration major Callum McNichols will showcase sketches of original fictional medieval characters in his upcoming art show. These characters reflect the signature style seen throughout his work.

“I like things that are not realistic,” McNichols said. “There is more creativity involved.”

McNichols is a free spirit, especially with his art. The art show is not required for art and illustration majors, but McNichols said he considers it a fun way for people to experience his art.

“It is always good to get your name out there even if you don’t do any professional jobs with it for a while. It’s just something I’m wanting to do,” McNichols said. “I was going to do something with [the characters] anyway, so might as well do a show and show people.”

While preparation for the show began last semester, he completed the majority of his work over winter break.

“I work fast,” McNichols said. “I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about stuff. I just doodle.”

Peter Pohle, associate professor of visual arts, has guided McNichols inside and outside the classroom. Pohle said he expects “dynamic art that has a lot of movement.”

“He’s very good with it,” Pohle said. “He’s very expressive in his characters.”

McNichols said many people, like Pohle, recognize a style unique to his art—specifically his character drawings. McNichols said he’s not intentional about having a particular style.

“If I think it looks cool, I draw it,” McNichols said.

His main goal when drawing is to enjoy what he draws.

“If you’re good at things you don’t like, I don’t see much point in it,” McNichols said.

McNichols frequently has his sketchbook in hand. He said he has been sketching since he can remember and does not recall what inspired him to start. He said sketching has always been his escape, bringing him peace and enjoyment.

Anticipating his future, McNichols has prototyped a website that will feature his comic series — his main focus post-graduation. McNichols hopes to use this website as a springboard into further illustration work.