Intramural sports furnish community

KENZIE MEEKER/TheThreefoldAdvocate

Community is an important component of John Brown University. It is often referenced as something that sets JBU apart from other universities, and intramural sports play a role in growing the type of community JBU wants to be known for.

In a study released by Albany University, participating in intramurals affected students by “increasing their satisfaction with their university experience, improv[ing] social relations and ability to work as a team, along with increasing overall confidence, self-worth, and happiness.”

The data released by the study notes numerous benefits from participating in intramurals, and that information aligns directly with what many students have been saying about intramurals at JBU.

For many former high school athletes, who are not playing at the collegiate level, intramurals are a great opportunity to build relationships and relieve stress.

“I’m not getting to play for a college team, so intramurals are a time where I can really enjoy playing the game I’ve loved my whole life,” sophomore Britni Smith said. “I’ve made new, lasting friendships with the other girls I’ve played with.”

According to Talesin Harrison, JBU’s intramural coordinator, intramurals offer much more than a great place for former athletes to express themselves. A typical misconception about intramurals, according to Harrison, is that being an athlete is required to participate. However, that is not the case.

“Intramurals aren’t about being the fastest or the most athletic or the most talented,” Harrison said. “It’s about coming to have fun with it. To try new things, relax, and have a getaway from the homework, papers, and exams that we always have on our plate.”

“You don’t have to be athletic,” Smith said. “A great thing about intramurals is it brings a whole variety of people together.”

Intramural games at JBU serve, for many of the students, as vital stress relievers and avenues to make new relationships. Overall they are a great way of getting plugged into and ingratiated with the student body.

Statistics from the study at Albany show that intramurals play a big role in helping students enjoy their college experience.

“Intramurals have allowed me to meet many new people this year and really grow some deeper relationships,” JJ Kresge, freshman, said. “Several of my closest relationships on campus are a direct result of my participation in intramurals this year.”

Basketball intramurals kicked off this past week, and more information about JBU intramurals can be found by going to and searching John Brown