Oscar party exposes students to fashion and pop culture

Hollywood’s most prominent actors and actresses strutted down a red carpet in front of hundreds of lenses and lights that would show the world what they wore on the film industry’s biggest night.

Hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, the Oscars was broadcast to over 26.5 million people, Variety reported. This was the lowest viewership the award show has ever seen. Although rates were down, students at John Brown University still enjoyed watching the elegant event.

The award show, put on by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, is a night dedicated to honoring influential films of the previous year. Film may be the focus of the night, but JBU student Annika Pollard is more interested in what goes on before the awards are presented.

“The red carpet is the most important, in my opinion,” said Pollard. “It’s fun to see all of the celebrities dressed up. I also find out who’s dating who watching the Oscars, because celebrities will show up together.”

Pollard said she started watching the award show with her mom growing up. “We would lay in bed, eat ice cream and watch the Oscars.”

What was originally a mother-daughter tradition has become an annual event.

Accompanied by a childhood friend, Pollard has hosted an Oscars party every year for the past five years. This year, her and her friend invited 50 people to the viewing party.

Just like the celebrities on the red carpet, Pollard asks her guests to dress up as well. “Tacky-formal is encouraged, but not mandatory. I wear this dress from Goodwill with shoulder pads,  tassels, and a fur shawl.”

Although she enjoys the party, Pollard also pays attention to the show and picks out a favorite film to root for each year. “I wanted ‘The Greatest Showman’ to win everything.”

Against Pollard’s wishes, “The Greatest Showman” was denied the award in the only category it was nominated for when “Coco” won best original song for “Remember Me.”

The night of the Oscars was a big night for films such as “The Shape of Water.” Nominated for best picture, the most prestigious award of the night, “The Shape of Water” won among other blockbuster films like “Get Out,” “Ladybird,” “Call Me by Your Name” and more.

JBU student and digital cinema major Kelly Savage did not think the winner of best picture was well deserved.

“I know the concepts of the other movies were groundbreaking. ‘The Shape of Water’ was just like every other science fiction movie.”

Savage said the movie may have won due to the Academy Awards choosing movies with the most diversity. “The movie had people of color, a gay character, and over all a lot of representation. I think that may be why it won.”

Savage also said that the director, Guillermo del Toro, is respected in the film industry and those connections could have played into his win with “The Shape of Water.”

The movie won the most awards at the Oscars, taking home the titles in best picture, best director, production design and original score.