Author: Clancie Sorrell


Enactus world cup inspires students to serve

The week before Fall Break, students boarded a flight for San Jose, California to watch and support the competing Enactus teams at the Enactus World Cup. Every year, the world cup hosts 3,500 student, business and academic leaders from 36 different countries to showcase projects that will improve communities across […]


Kavanaugh confirmed as judge after FBI investigation

With votes tallied and protestors enraged, the U.S. Senate approved Brett Kavanaugh as the 114th Supreme Court Justice. The hearing, nomination and confirmation stirred controversy nationwide as citizens debated Kavanaugh qualification for the job as a Justice of the Supreme Court. On July 9, President Trump announced that Kavanaugh would […]


Millennials enact positive change in America’s health

The health status in America evolves with inventions of technology and millennials may be the driving force of change. For years, obesity, opioid prescriptions and mental health has been on the rise, according to Pew Research Center. The World Health Organization reported that obesity has nearly tripled since 1975 and […]


Soccer teams start season strong with big wins

University soccer teams have traveled as far as Alabama and Missouri to play tough and challenging games during their preseason. The John Brown University men and women’s soccer teams finished their pre-season games mid-September at the Alumni Field. The men’s team lost 4-1 to Oklahoma Wesleyan University, who ranked third […]


Take your elephant on a walk

Nearly everyone has a pet elephant. This elephant’s name is stress. It hovers over your shoulder, weighs on your heart, eats at your time. Really, it doesn’t seem like a pet. It’s more like a nuisance. The reason I call stress an elephant is because my dad used to ask […]


Students star in ‘Bachelorette’ spin-off

University students are filming and producing an original reality show in Siloam Springs, starring one bachelorette and thirteen bachelors. The show will be based off the popular ABC television show, the Bachelorette, on which one woman dates multiple bachelors, slowly eliminating them until she chooses one to marry. The John […]