Local Businesses Raise Funds for Family in Need

The Park House Kitchen + Bar in Siloam Springs hosted artists and bands on Sept. 3 to raise money for a local family through the event Siloam Springs Community Band Aid.

Glenn Chamberlain, Cassie Riddick and her two daughters were in a car accident in late June. Riddick’s youngest child did not survive. Riddick is currently in a medically induced coma. To support the family, the Park House Kitchen + Bar offered $10-tickets to get into the event. All of the proceeds from the tickets will help with expenses and recovery. The Park House also donated a portion of all food and beverage sales.

Karen Penner, senior photography major, attended the event. Penner mentioned the perfect weather that day for the outdoor concert and  said that the music was just the right volume. “You could hear all of the people talking over meals. It was a very relaxing and comfortable atmosphere,” she said.

“What was cool is that there were so many different musicians that were all willing to volunteer for a family they likely didn’t personally know,” Penner said. “I also thought it was great that The Park House hosted the event. I hadn’t been to a fundraiser hosted in this way by a local business, so that was really cool.”

Gary Davidson, a speaker at the event, commented on the strength of Siloam Springs. “This is a wonderful community that we have. What we do as a family is come together and support one another in times of need,” Davidson said. “In these times of need, just show love. Pick up those little ones, and tell them you love them.”

About 60 people attended and they listened to over 20 local musicians. The event started at 6 p.m. and lasted well past 9 p.m. Through Facebook, those who could not attend in-person could watch a live stream, which had over 500 views.

Not only did the community attend the event, but also local businesses chipped in for a raffle prize. A gift basket worth over $450 was filled with gift cards, coupons and items from businesses and shops in Downtown Siloam such as TC Screen Printing and Pure Joy. The raffle raised additional funds for the Riddick family.

According to The Park House, Siloam Springs Band Aid was a huge success. With tickets, food, drinks and raffle tickets, the event was able to raise $2,255 to “help out our friends,” The Park House announced. “This is just another reason we love Siloam Springs so much.”