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Dealing During COVID

“Stealing a moment to experience forbidden goods Knowing that you’re doing something you shouldn’t Glancing furtively around to make sure nobody sees As you absorb the chemicals, unsatisfying, knowing it’s more you’ll need You walk away guilty of the high you’ve just experienced Already planning when you’ll get your next […]


Ministry Builds Communities for Foster Families

Nearly 424,000 children are in the United States’ the foster care system, with over five hundred children in foster homes in Northwest Arkansas alone. However, only 180 families are prepared to properly take care of these children. These devastating statistics negatively illustrate the impact on childrens’ mental health, communication skills […]


COLUMN: How COVID-19 is Affecting Soccer

COVID-19 has paralyzed the world. Crisis is everywhere, including the infrastructure of world sports. The recent impact of COVID-19 could change sports forever, including one of the most watched sports worldwide: soccer. Major leagues and championships, such as EuroCup, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, South American Champions League, Gold […]


Love Activates Action

The words “diversity” and “community” are undoubtedly overused on this campus. Sometimes they describe truly beautiful and cooperative spaces that exist at John Brown University. Other times the words ring superficial and empty in the ears of those relegated to the sidelines. The diversity of our student body is beautiful […]


Not Home for the Summer

While 2020 has not been what everyone expected, it has certainly served as a learning and growing opportunity. My name is Damaris Merino, and I am one of the students who had to stay at JBU during the summer. These past months have consisted of a weird mix of feelings […]

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Finding Friendship from Six Feet Away

As students return for the fall semester, they are faced with many changes. New guidelines requiring masks, smaller chapel groups, distanced classroom experiences and outdoor eating make their college experiences different. John Brown University is renowned for its community, but how can students nurture community from six feet away? Stephen […]


You Asked! New Year, New Roommate!

Dear 2020, I want a do-over or, better yet, to skip you entirely and move on to 2021. At The Center For Healthy Relationships, we know you want to have a great experience during your time at John Brown University. 2020 is here to stay (only 120 days left!) and […]

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How to Get Involved On and Off Campus

Through much creativity and planning, local organizations are working tirelessly to provide safe community events for all, even in the midst of a pandemic. In the upcoming weeks and months, mark calendars for local gatherings to connect with fellow residents in downtown Siloam Springs. Main Street Siloam Springs is hosting […]


With No New Chaplain, What Lies Ahead?

Many students were excited for the new chaplain at John Brown University but were surprised when the Office of Christian Formation released a statement regarding its newly hired chaplain, Mark Irving. This decision confused the JBU community because Irving was hired last spring as the new JBU chaplain. This decision, […]


Voting by Mail Leads to Turmoil for Postal Service

The past few months have been turbulent for the United States Postal Service (USPS) due to the age of COVID-19, the possibility of voting by mail in November, and the climax of the service’s decline that has been ongoing since 2006. As voting by mail is becoming an increasingly popular […]