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The body of Christ: why you need the church

There is a theological trend I see among evangelicals broadly, but more specifically in JBU students. It ranges from students who really don’t go to church at all and just read their Bible, to students who go maybe once a month but place things like sports as a higher priority, […]


Gen Z prone to replacing Bibles with black screens

Kk Khaliq, freshman psychology major at John Brown University, recently returned to the faith after nine years of doubting the Bible and isolating herself from the church. Growing up within a Christian family, Khaliq said the reason why she started doubting God was because the church rejected her brother with […]


U.S. to formally withdraw from Paris Agreement

The Trump administration formally notified the United Nations on Nov. 4 that the United States will withdraw from the Paris Agreement. This move is a fulfillment of President Trump’s major campaign promise to cancel the Paris climate deal. According to the United Nations, the Paris Agreement is “a landmark agreement […]


Outbreak of lung illnesses associated with vaping

The outbreak of lung-related illnesses and fatalities in the United States has drawn national attention to the issue of vaping. As of Nov. 13, there have been 42 confirmed deaths and at least 2,172 people hospitalized for symptoms with supposed vape-related causes across the U.S. The Centers for Disease Control […]


Alternatives to plastic that everyone can use

We easily find to-go cups from our favorite coffee shops, Walmart bags and plastic water bottles littering our college campus. We can also find them in our ocean, landfills and streets. I hear you: paper and plastic are useful and convenient. But my reply is that convenience can no longer […]


College connections program partners with Ability Tree

John Brown University, in partnership with Ability Tree, launched the College Connections program, which invites young adults with significant cognitive disabilities to experience college life. The College Connections program originated after Ability Tree’s founders Joe and Jen Butler reached out to Jacob Stratman, chair of humanities and social sciences at […]


Children empowered in new World Vision model

A new sponsorship put the power of choice in a child’s hands, thereby creating avenues for empowerment. In September, World Vision, a Christian humanitarian organization, announced a new sponsorship program called Chosen. For the first time in their 70-year history of conducting relief, development and advocacy activities in its work […]


Impeachment inquiry confirmed by Pelosi

On Sept. 24, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi officially authorized an impeachment inquiry amid months of impeachment talks in Congress. Article II of the Constitution outlines the rules of impeachment and the removal of the president from office. It states, “the President, Vice President and all civil Officers of […]


Confronting our history so we can have hope

The room was silent as we gathered to reflect on our trip to Montgomery. We all felt heavy with the enormity of our experience, the burden of having to process it all and nervousness about saying the wrong thing. How do you debrief hundreds of years of American history? How […]