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You Asked! Meeting Someone New You Asked! is the column where the Center for Healthy Relationships (CHR) answers. Q: So, there’s this girl … How can I talk with her to get to know her better? Fall is in the air. The semester has settled in to the point where students are focusing on […]


Career development: Leveraging Expertise

Hi my name is Stephanie Maltez and I am a senior marketing major at JBU. The spring semester of my junior year, I was preparing for interviews for five internship positions. I was nervous knowing I needed to get one of these internships, but also excited to see what journey […]


An Immigrant Story: Professor Rodriguez

My name is Juan Carlos Rodriguez. I am from the city of San Salvador in El Salvador. I teach mechanical engineering at John Brown University. My immigration story is a little different in the sense that this is the second time I get to live in the United States. The […]


You Asked! Facing Roommate Conflict

You Asked! is the column where the Center for Healthy Relationships (CHR) answers. Please send your questions to or text 479-308-8508 Q: What should I do when my friend and I disagree about something that’s a part of daily life? This question presents a great opportunity for a shameless […]


Christianity, Nationalism and Immigration

Looking at the country’s landscape reveals that politics and religion are the most polarized conversations to be discussed. Many Christians continue to question whether Old Testament ideals are still essential to a faithful life. Some lie in silence or active discussion about the ambiguity for subjects like abortion, gay rights […]


What this election means for immigration

With Nov. 3 quickly approaching, many hot button issues are being put under the microscope as voters finish forming  decisions about who the next president of the United States should be. Immigration is one of these issues, and one in which Republican nominee and sitting president, Donald Trump, has voiced […]


How Immigrants make John Brown University Better

Immigration is a seemingly controversial topic in society today. Why is this the case? What about people from different countries choosing a new home scares us? It is an honor to have more diversity, more perspective and more opportunities represented throughout the United States. It is an honor to host […]


Student Shares Overview of the Immigration Process

For many today, the United States is seen as the land of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. However, in the 21st century, this might be more difficult as political dynamics have led many people who are not citizens to fear for their livelihood in the United States. Within this […]


Dealing During COVID

“Stealing a moment to experience forbidden goods Knowing that you’re doing something you shouldn’t Glancing furtively around to make sure nobody sees As you absorb the chemicals, unsatisfying, knowing it’s more you’ll need You walk away guilty of the high you’ve just experienced Already planning when you’ll get your next […]


Ministry Builds Communities for Foster Families

Nearly 424,000 children are in the United States’ the foster care system, with over five hundred children in foster homes in Northwest Arkansas alone. However, only 180 families are prepared to properly take care of these children. These devastating statistics negatively illustrate the impact on childrens’ mental health, communication skills […]